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A Language restoration platform to build communities of specialist language speakers.

Who are we?

Here at Mystic, we have worked incredibly hard to develop an intrinsic learning platform and community that caters to those at all stages of learning a new language.

“Join us now and find a new-found spark in the language you love.
Mystic welcomes all language speakers as we work towards expanding our learning community.”

Languages Available

Mystic offers a Range of Language translations







Our Values

Our Platform is simple to use, Language Agnostic, and can be used in flexible schedules.


Hand-picked Content

We have curated a thoughtful selection of playlists and teachers to aid in learning a language as quickly and effectively as possible.

Learn Anytime

Our playlists offer hands-free options to allow users to learn at their own pace.

Novel Approach.

Novelty is at the forefront of Mystic, and our approach remains new and original.


Happy Learners


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What makes Mystic interesting?

Our Novel Approach.

High-level Translation Features

200+ Hours of Content

Daily Content Updates

Quick and Efficient Learning


Benefits of the platform and our Sanskrit course


Pre-recorded Audio Clips.

Pre-recorded audio clips with dynamic translation in up to six languages of your choice

Connect to Classroom

Classroom options to connect and call with your peer groups are available

Blazing Fast App

Our app focuses on speed and efficiency to aid in your seamless learning


Services provided in our Application

Create Account

On creating a user account, one can start learning a language from basic feeds , access history, and create favourite lists.

Preferred Languages

Up to six language translations can be done from Sanskrit. This platform is multi-lingual, which allows users to learn other languages.

Make a call

Users will be able to schedule and call their peers and authors, making the learning process more interactive.

Go live

Go-live events can make you feel the language with ease. One can find the recordings of live events from history.


Create a playlist of your choice and make your learning easy. Contribute and share your teachings with the community.


Our app contains attractive pictures and playlists that are available in more than 5 languages, along with impressive options such as likes,comments, and views!


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Individual Plan

99 / month
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Yearly Individual Plan

999 / year
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School Subscription Plan

499 / month
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Mystic for Authors

Want to become Mystic Authors?

All Sanskrit enthusiasts are welcome to become Mystic Authors if they are really interested to do so. If you are willing to share your knowledge and passion towards this ancient language you can contribute for the content in Mystic.

“ Whether you are a Sanskrit teacher, language expert, volunteer helper, etc.,
You can register as an author and contribute to the content in Mystic..”


Frequently Asked Questions

It's a user-interactive app with over 5+ language translations available for each post.

  Various subscriptions are available based on the business purpose, like monthly, yearly, and special school student plans. Online payments are available for subscribing to the app.

Abundant and relevant content is available for schools, teachers, and individuals. The content is designed for every age group, from users as young as 2 years to users as old as 80 years.

Protect our ancient languages. Helping language enthusiasts all over the world learn and converse in Sanskrit will help language experts and scholars build an alternate source of income for their contributions.

The Mystic team consists of a well-experienced developers, amazing content authors, An operations Manager and A sales head.


Our Hard Working Team


Leader Product and Technology


Sr. Software Engineer


Operations Manager


Software Engineer


QA Engineer


Content Strategy Lead


Content Strategy Lead


Sales Head

Our Clients

Our Trusted Schools

Mystic for Schools

Benefits of Mystic in Schools

We have an abundant content, specially designed for Schools. Mystic team are committed to embracing new technologies and methodologies to enhance students' learning outcomes. Mystic is a prime example of this approach, we are providing the students with a dynamic and interactive platform to develop their language skills.

“Features like well-designed Audio clips, classrooms, live Sessions etc. provide Children with a 360-degree language learning experience. Children will be able to learn at their own pace and stay motivated to achieve their language learning goals.”