We have abundant content specially designed for Schools. Mystic is committed to embracing new technologies and methodologies to enhance students' learning outcomes. Mystic is a prime example of this approach; we are providing the students with a dynamic and interactive platform to develop their language skills.

Benefits of Using Mystic Learning App in Schools

“ Mystic team believes that any language introduction should be started at a very young age, which is why, we are more interested in introducing Mystic for schools. Mystic provides the following benefits for schools.”

As Mystic is a learn from listening app - children can just listen to the audio and learn by reciting along with it.

Instead of following the traditional ways to teach any language, like starting with alphabets, grammar, etc., Mystic focuses on teaching regular usage words, sentences, rhymes, shlokas, etc.

Parents would love to hear their children talking ancient languages like Sanskrit, and when they learn that the school is teaching them this language through Mystic, they will be happy.

Once a school takes a subscription, as a promotion, we will display the school's icon in the onboarded schools list on our website.

We offer the app to schools at a very minimal subscription price, i.e., just Rs. 499 per month.

Classroom facility is also available if a school wants any of our authors to take an online session for their children, perhaps once a week.

To get a school subscription, Please contact our Sales Executive